umm yeah i hafta write this english essay based on the story "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst and i have no idea how to start it @[email protected] The topic is:

'consider the appropriate link between Doodle and the scarlet ibis'

I've got the essay all planned out its jus the introductory part...i dunno how to start it....haha help?Emotion: embarrassed
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Welcome to English Forums, Icyaznangel. Have a look at I really need help editing my essay( structurally and grammatically ).
i need help to write a essy on doodle and ibis and it has to be doodle speackin?what should i do?
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Pretend you are Doodle.
Try Using a Quote. We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.

Alan Chadwick

I suggest something like the above quote..... click on it and it'll take you to a great website for them.
The scarlet ibis is red, doodle is born red. red is used throughout the story to symbolize and foreshadow death. the ibis is a foreshadowing of what doodle is to become.
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In "Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst Aunt Nicey predicts that Doodle will did just like the bird did because birds are bad luck
doodle and the bird both died by falling and doodle died red becouse of the blood the author makes a point at the end how doodle has a long awkward neck like the ibis,

hope this helped!!!!
base it off Doodle and the narrators fighting like in the civil war how brothers fought against brothers or talk about the narrators effects of love&pride and how that effects the ibis
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