'Please try to schedule around that period this semester.'

In the above sentence, should 'scheduling around' mean 'scheduling within' or 'scheduling outside of'?


schedule around is a phrasal verb.

eg If you schedule around May 12th, it means that you don't schedule anything on May 12th., because it would conflict with something already scheduled for May12th.

You can schedule around eg a date or a time or a period or an event.



It would help to see what came before that, but one reasonable interpretation is that they meant "Please try to arrange to do it (schedule) during the aforementioned stretch of time (around that period) during this semester." "Around that period" is not immediately understandable.

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I asked my colleague who is a native English speaker, "Could I schedule a lesson during Period 8 this semester?" Then he responded "Please try to schedule around Period 8 this semester."

I googled this phrase. In most cases, it means 'not scheduling anything at that time' like Clive said. But I did see some uses to express 'scheduling the event at that time', for example, try to schedule around your availability.

It is quite confusing.