What do you think about school uniform?
Are you for or against it?


I'm against school uniform.

I think there are two advantages of school uniform.

The first one is that it will give students a sense of order.
They can learn to obey rules.

The second one is that teachers can easily maintain order in their classes
because their students have a sense of order, being forced to wear uniforms.
Also, making students wear school uniforms could discourage them from
wearing unsuitble clothes to school.

On the other hand, however, I think there are at least three disadvantages
of school uniform.

The first one is that it might make some students feel uncomfortable.
If their uniforms do not suit them, they might feel ashamed of it during
their school days. This is not good for teenagers' mental health and
could cause depression.
Also, students cannot work in something that they don't like to wear.

The second one is that school uniform will remove from students the opportunities
to express themselves.
According to the studies of non-verbal communication, choosing what we wear is
one of the most important aspects of non-verbal communication,.

The third one is that it could become one of the causes of juvenile delinquency.
Some students feel frustrated because they cannot pick out what they wear to
school. This frustration might make them feel violent, wchih could lead to
juvenile crimes.

In conclusion, I'm against school uniform for the three reasons which I mentioned as
disadvantages of it
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I can't agree with you about this. There are some reason why I am for school uniform
1. School uniform maybe can make some students feel uncomfortable as you said. But in my opinion, it will be only the first days that they feel uncomfortable. They will get used to it after 1 month maybe. Also, it is too strong to say that school uniform could cause depression.

2. It doesn't make sense to link juvenile delinquency and school uniform. Juvenile delinquency is caused by the personality of some students. They won't fight because of school uniform I think.

3. School uniform can dissapear the social imbalance although only in the school. Students who are poor will be depressed. They will feel inferior in the school. This feelings can make students don't have a zest to study.
Thank you for your reply. I got your points.
OK, I admit that I might have gone too far saying that forcing students to wear school uniforms
could cause depression or juvenile crimes, but you agree with me that students can feel uncomforable
in their school uniforms, but you think that they will soon get used to it. All right.

But how about this?
'Japanese high schools place rigorous dress codes on students, including
hairstyles and sometimes even the color of underwear a student is allowed to wear.'

Please go to the following link.
The above sentence is the second line of the second paragraph.


Dress codes of Japanese schools are strictly enforced,
which can help them to give their students a sense of order,
but I can't agree with checking the color of underwear their students wear.
Is it necessary to restrict the color of underwear of students?
Isn't this a kind of sexual harassment or even sexual abuse by the school authority?
I guess some of the students could be traumatized.
What do you think about this?

I think that forcing students to wear school uniforms could be a slippery slope toward
an excessive supervision by the school authority.
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Yeah, if that's the case, I agree with you. The school shouldn't do that.
I have an experience about something related to this in my school.
In my school in Indonesia, we are allowed to wear any color of underwear but it is not recommended to wear colorful underwear especially for women(Bra) because it can lead to sexual abuse. It looks like a harrasment to men. So it is for their goodness too. In my school, we wear white shirts, so it is recommended to wear white bra. Yet there were still some women wear blue, red, etc bra. But the ones do that didn't follow the recommendation didn't get a punishment.
That is in Indonesia, maybe for some people it would be nice to see someone with colorful bra, but the culture here isn't like that. It is a rude manner.
I don't think school uniform is good for the development of pupiles.

Now everyone including pupiles has the right to choose their dressing,however I don't advocate free without confining.
Thank you for your response.
I'm the one who started this discussion.
So,, you're against school uniform, but you also say that
some kind of restrictions will be necessary.

I'm interested in how strict dress codes in uniform-less schools are.
Also I'd like to know what kind of problems can occur when there is no obligation to wear uniforms to school.
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From what you write, I think that people in Asia have a strong sense of modesty. Here, where I live in N. America, there are usually no school uniforms. If you saw the way that many students dress to go to school, I know that you'd be amazed and shocked. There is a great, great deal of flesh on display.

Best wishes, Clive (who always wore a school uniform)
I think schools should institute a dress CODE, but not school uniforms. That way students have freedom to dress however they like while being kept in line at the same time.
I like the dress code Idea best myself. I'm Also from America, and I haven't been through any schools that had dress codes or uniforms. but I must dissagree with Clives statement about how much flesh is on display. though my guess is clive is in a more liberal area then me there are some towns I could imagine would have more showing then other towns, where I'm living the dress is still more towards the consertive side even though there are no rules requireing it.

my reasoning for liking the dress code Idea is that in places where there is noticeable disparity betwene the rich and the poor kids in the scools an external (meaning out of the student's control) balancing mechnisum would serve to help fill in that gap at least while they are in school so it can be harder to tell who the poor kids are and thusly they get teesed less. I've seen it get brutal for those who can't get into the in crowds because they can't afford fancy enough clothes, so if you force those rich kids not to dress as fancy it's harder for them to teese the pooer kids about it. espicaly if it's something that has been gooing on the whole time. I think there will allways be lots of added tension when stwiching from non dress code to dress code rules. wich I belive is one of the points you mentioned, but as someone else mentioned it does pass afer a while every one gets used to it. and if the system is kept up you will at one point get students who started school with the dress codes already in place so for them there's no adjusting to it because they never had it the other way. and when that happens the issue of having to follow the code becomes less and less of a topic.

but in regards to how far the code goes that to me is a bit more grey. such as what kind of underwear you can use seems a bit overboard to me, unless the uniform design is such it's posible to see certian kinds either kinda through the uniform or pooking out arround it, and not other types. in that case I would aggree with saying the types that do show through are okay to be limited.

Hair styles is another grey area and I would immage it would depend a lot on the area, some area's don't have a huge variety of styles to begin with. and there are also areas where the acceptable baseline is so broad that most cheep haircuts are up to par so if someone's going to be teased the chances of it beeing due to their hair style is low.

I think it's one of those things you can't put a blanket statement on, as while the Idea is great in theroy, as for how far to take it and how to apply it would varry with where you dooing it someplaces will need more rules to keep the disparty down while other places the disparty isn't as bad so less is needed to balance it out.
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