Hi teachers,

Do you think the phrases in bold below are correctly used ?

"Mr Norio Hattori, Japanese Ambassador to Viet Nam, presented the school’s principal board with the gift at a ceremony in Ha Noi yesterday"

".....In describing his motivation for improving educational standards, Dung tells the story of an enraged father who demanded that the principal of the Binh Chau secondary school allow his son to repeat the fifth grade because he was not proficient at writing.

The unexpected request landed the school’s managing board into an embarrassing situation: the student had already passed the exam to go on to the sixth grade...."

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Both, exp the first, sound strange and are not found at Google Books. I'd use:

school 's board of trustees
school 's board
Hi Marius Hancu,

What does " board of trustees " mean ? I'm afraid you don't understand exactly what they mean.Since the phrases are written by a Vietnamese newspaper written in English , I know exactly that by saying " principal board " , they mean " the people who manage the school .Normally in my country they are the principal , and the deputy principal(s). I often heard people say" the school's management , the school's administration .I've never heard "the school's managing board " or " the school's principal board ".However, these phrases aere written by a national daily newspaper in English , so wonder whther these phrases are correct or not.Maybe it should be "the school's principal's board"

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>in my country they are the principal , and the deputy principal(s)
For that, you should use:
principal's board

school principal's board
school's board [which is the most used here
Thank you very much Marius Hancu.

Just a small question ,Does"school's board " have the same meaning as "school board"?

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It does.
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BTW, the trustees are here generally people from outside the school, which can be trusted to represent the interests of the community, of the parents, etc. and to oversee the school's administration