Governments should be responsible for funding and controlling scientific research rather than private organizations.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that scientific studies should be funded and controlled by governments rather than private organizations. While I agree that national authorities should keep supervision and contribute financial aids for science and their research, I also hold an opinion that other units should be able to participate in supporting scientific studies.

On the one hand, I support the idea that funding and controlling scientific research should be the responsibility of governments. Without any doubt, it might become less complicated and time-consuming to find and nutrient the most talented people in the country, if governments directly launch a campaign in order to use all national resources for dedicating science and its research. In terms of significantly large funds, governments tend to more easily appeal from the communities, compared with other private units. Moreover, authorities could ensure the equality of the scientific studies’ goals which would be employed for the public's benefits instead of individuals’ ones. The more responsibility governments are capable of taking over, the more beliefs their communities get, which creates a firm bond between citizens and their governments.

However, I also agree that private organizations should take part in funding scientific research. By all accounts, hardly anyone would be fast enough to keep up with the latest trends of all aspects including scientific applications like a business one. Private units would be willing to invest in risky yet profit-promising scientific research. Therefore, there would create more and more opportunities for apprentice scientists to approach favorable conditions not only for the research environment but also for their daily needs. For example, the Pfizer vaccine, which used to be rejected by the Russian government, is invested and developed by private pharmaceutical companies in America.

In conclusion, scientific studies should be concerned by both the authorities and privates. By funding and attending from all perspectives, it could make a breakthrough in later life.

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