It is observed that in many countries not enough students are choosing to study science subject. What are causes? And what will be effects on society?

Today, numerous countries witness a decrease in the number of students having the desire to opt for science subjects. Several reasons can be explained and the impacts of this problem are also noticeable.

It is evident that the main reason leading to few students choosing science is because they are extremely demanding. In comparison with Arts, Language and Literature, science subjects such as Physics and Math always involve much thinking, experimenting and cracking problems with complicated calculation which is stressful and unpleasant. For instance, individuals who study Chemistry doubtlessly need to do experiments on several kinds of substances, especially lethal ones which requires a great deal of concentration and bravery. Accordingly, they can be injured with heavy scalds if they are careless. As a result, because most young people nowadays cannot withstand the danger and pressure from science subjects, they try to avoid them.

Consequently, this trend has some influences on societies that need considering. Firstly, as the fewer students pursue science, the more likely scientific research and campaigns are to be unaccomplished. To explain, projects on vaccines for incurable illnesses or an advancement on technology will probably become unrealistic and humans therefore will be outdated just because of the lack of scientists. Secondly, companies specializing in science will also have difficulty in employing well-qualified workers which can lead to their bankruptcy and science will hence become a rare field. Finally, should the amounts of students who like science be inadequate, schools and universities which focus on those subjects apparently will be gradually closed. This might cause the younger generation to struggle with their science study as there is not any high-quality school for them to be taught.

In short, the high requirements of science are the main reason for few students being interested in this subject which negatively affect humans and societies.

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