I have one question regarding writing form: I am currently writing my final paper on International Economics. My tutor explicitly told me to remark my own assumptions, statements, etc. whenever I make them.
For this purpose, I´ve just used the I-form - first form, singular. Now, I think that this might be not correct, or not usual.

Does anyone know how this works in scientific writing?

Thanks in advance!

Probably, you are not the only author of this paper. I would suggest one of the following ways.

"We assumed that ..."

"The research team assumed ... "

"It is/was assumed ..."

"The following assumtions were made ....
Thanks for the advice!

I am writing the paper on my own. Do you think it is correct to write:

"I assumed that..."

"My assumptions are the following:..." ?

I thought one is not allowed to use the I-form at all. Am I wrong?
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Scientific writing has to be objecitive and persuasive, you had better avoid too much "i think, in my opinon, i am afraid, i guess etc." Facts speak louder than your own wishful ideas, right?

in your writing, you should make sure what methods you are employing, what problems are to be handled, what conclusion would you like to arrive at, maybe you have already had your hypothesis. in a common sense, scientific writing needs to deal with the following words:"what, why, how...".
Better not to use I-form.

If I were you, I would have used

"It was assumed ..

"The assumptions made..

"The following assumtions are/were made ...