What do we say this situation or what will I say this in proper English.

It's about today, I wanted to go for a long drive, and my mom told me or explained me that I should not waste my time in doing such nonsense things, it would be better for me to stick with my books, there are so many things in the pages that will benefit me a lot. So basically she explained or scold at me in medimum angriness that I should what to do or what not.

How can we brief this state, is that she scold at me or she explained me I don't think it's an act of explaining something she was disciplining me what do you say?


Scold - what a mother does to her two-year-old boy when he breaks his toys or throws his green beans at her.
Explain - What a teacher does to their students when they don't understand something.

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Liton Dasscold at me

Delete the second word. The first word is old-fashioned and uncommon.

So which word is suitable in my case, and are there more words that convey the meaning that I intended for?