Hi, Scott Foresman English

The Father of my to a close to a native English Accent.

I am a living example of Audio-linguistic Method and Scott Foresman IN TUNE (1 to 4) English books, that even though I haven’t experienced any other English circumstances in real life, except being a translator, it has given me such a good English accent which is pretty close to a native accent. You can’t tell either it is from a native English speaker or not, that happens when I talk on the phone or even when any one hears me. It is so good that I have been asked where my accent is from, Where from the United States I am From, something I have no-idea what to say. Some times I think it is similar to a Canadian accent, but I’m not sure.

As a result that I have been from Scott Foresman English, I want to go further more and I don’t know what to do.

Now I want to experience English in a Speaking Country and I haven’t gotten any chance, so I ask: Is it only up to here where Scott Foresman Would take me? Doesn’t Scott Foresman have any further program for those who have gotten so high on Scott Foresman’s purpose? so please I beg to anyone involve somehow with this institution to help me get a chance.

I can show Scott Foresman that I can tell every one of the conversations and Mini-conversations from book one to book four of INTUNE, something that I consider to be the key of getting a native pronunciation.

Also, I want to know where the procedency of my accent is from.

Odalis Manuel Sanchez
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Try first at http://www.amazon.com .
Dear Sir,

I wish to purchase all the audio of the In Tune series and The English For a Changing World Series, along with their Workbooks and Books. Is there any place I can find these old methods. I have taught many years, I would very much appreciate if I am able to finde them.

Very Truly Yours.

Jacinto Wesly
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thank your very much
hi there;
i just want to know how to get the 4 scott foresman english in tune levels with the
4 workbooks, the 4 cue books and the listening tapes please.
Leave me a webside or else.
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if you really want to find those books you can contact theHaitian American institute which is in Haiti where this method is still used

You can get it here www.libreriasantin.com

Hello! Id Juan de Dios Jerez and I,like this audio if this book IN TUNE #1,2,3 and 4 too and my e-mail: Email Removed Thanksgiving.
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