- Donald: " I always feel that I'm covered in gold paint doctor."
Psychiatrist: " Oh, that's just your gilt complex."

-Sandy: " Will you marry me?"
Girlfriend: "No, but I'll always admire your good taste."

-There are two things a Scot likes naked!
One of them is malt whisky!

- How did the Grand Canyon come about?
A Scotman lost a sixpence.
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Top jokes Maj. Can anyone explain the second one to me as I am a little thick!
Does he have a good taste? yes, according to her. She considers herself to be good looking. Any better?
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Oh, I see, I always considered Sandy to be a female name! Ok, I'm wrong, Ive just remembered a famous Scot named Sandy. A golfer Sandy Lyle!
i believe there was a scottish sandy on big brother last year- he climbed onto the roof and jumped to freedom- made the name stick.
My favourite Scottish joke (and I can write this because I am Scottish) is:

Scottish people only support two teams - Scotland and whoever is playing England!

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Q:Who invented copper wire?

A:Two Scotsmen fighting over a penny!
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