I haven't heard any scurrying sounds coming from under the deck for a while, so I am guessing raccoons moved out. I saw this sentence in my son's reading book "Diary of a wimpy kid".
I know that scurrying is a present participle but I don't the exact meaning of the phrase "scurrying sounds". When I checked a few dictionaries, I couldn't find the scurrying entry as an adjective with the meaning. How to expand that phrase "scurrying sounds" in full so it makes sense?
a crying baby- baby who cries a lot

Scurrying sounds- sounds which is scurrying?


Scurrying sounds- sounds which an animal makes when it is currying.

JigneshbharatiScurrying sounds- sounds which is scurrying?

No. Scurrying sounds are sounds of scurrying, the noises made when something scurries. In speech it is easy to tell the difference. Your baby is a "cry-ing BAY-bee", not a "CRY-ing bay-bee". Those sounds are not "scur-ee-ing SOUNDS", they are "SCUR-ee-ing sounds".

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