I just watched the movie Gosford Park, a drama set in 1932 England, in which a servant of the estate said : 'Search me', meaning 'I don't know the answer to that.'

Is 'search me' kind of a outdated expression? Thanks in advance.
While it's not that common, it's certainly not outdated.
A pan shot is when the camera sweeps from one side to the other. I think by saying "almost liquid" the person writing this meant that the pan shots are very smooth and fluid.

So the grouping isn't "liquid pan" but "almost liquid" and "pan shot."
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Hi YC,

I then went on browsing viewer comments on IMDB :

"His (Robert Altman) movies are not an escape from reality but a portrayal of reality itself, and he does this with trademark styles such as overlapping dialogue and almost liquid pan and crane shots. "

Could you please also explain what 'liquid pan' is?
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Thanks, Barb.