i'm searching an english teacher who can help me to improve my english. primarly it's for the school .i just had a test which doesn't went so good. i didn't manage to put the sentences in the reported speech.(difficult ones)

i need someone who can help with the grammar when to use which tense and so on.

the next test i'm gonna have is an essay about an actual theme.

for the one's who think they can help me please let me just know your rates and the time zone which is i guess not unimportant.

best greets
Hello Bimmelbingo- and welcome to English Forums.

You are welcome to ask any grammar questions you may have here on our open forums, where you will get good free advice. If you wish to pay for private attention, please contact me for further information at my email address, available in my Profile (click on my name at the upper right).
You can also have a look at my website (on my profile page), which specializes in putting in touch students and teachers for live learning lessons via webcam.

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Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
I would be glad to help you, if you still need further help. I am a certified English as a Second Language teacher in the U.S. Just click on my profile and do a friend invite.
Can I be your student too?
Sure. How would you like to communicate?
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Thanks for assistance. Do I need to pay for the service? I have problems with the principle of arranging the subject and the verb in complex sentences.
Just a little help, I don't know if this really is what you need, but check out http://www.lectr.com 1.click "Lectures" in the top navigation bar
                                                                                                                                          2.click "English language" in the channel menu.
At the moment there are only a few little videos, but you can also use the site and upload your own little help videos if your interessted Emotion: wink