I have to write an essay on the role of instruction in L2 acquisition. Don't worry, the essay's in the bag; there are plenty of information sources on the subject as it's such an important one, but there are so many second language learners on this forum I just thought I'd see what other people feel the role of instruction (or the role of the instructor) is when learning another language.

He Lister, welcome to the forums.
Though I think that you are already done with your essay, it's not such a bad idea to hear different points of view and have a little discussion. So I go.
I think that one of the most important issues regarding being instructed is that at least some of your mistakes will be corrected by the instructer that otherwise you wouldn't notice them. And another important advantage of having an instructor is that the material would be organized, since not everyone, including me, has an organized way of thinking or learning. Some people do not know where to start, what order or speed have to take, ..., and where to search for information.
You know that our learning strategies are different. Some of us may be aware of that, and some not. It's a good teacher who can make use of different strategies throught the instruction, so that it would be something new for every member of the class.
And personally, I think that the role of a teacher is very important when it comes to pronounciation and speaking.
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I have to write an essay L2 acquisition: Theories and practices and I don't know where or how to start,
Help!!!!!! Les
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I just wrote an L2 paper on acquiring second language through grammar and vocabulary, as well as learning groups. Vandrick talks about using literature to acquire grammar. Raimes talks quite a bit about learning groups.