Im into lyrics, so my questions are more about them, i saw a phrasal on a text:

section off:?

for example:section off myself

Is it understood to mean to take yourself away from things or shuttin' yourself away from sth...
cmon is here nobody knows?
Section off myself
Put a wall up/What the hell have I done
Keep the dog at bay
Survive by saving me!
Values and the game
Not a fuck-up - Not a part of your lie
I am one, I am all - I'm above and beyond!
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"Section off myself"

To section off is to cut off, or cut up into smaller areas. For example, police will often "section off" a crime scene to make sure no-one enters.

If you "section off" yourself, it is a poetic/metaphorical way of saying that you are cutting yourself off from someone/something. I think that's what you suggested it meant, so you are correct.