1.See, How dirty I look!

What is function of the word "see" here.

I know that the word "see" can be used as a verb or a noun.

What are the other ways to erite this sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

'Look at me! How dirty I look!'
'Please notice and acknowledge how dirty I look!'

It seems to be a comma splice between the imperative clause 'see' and the exclamatory clause 'how dirty I look'.

There are likely other opinions.
I think it should be "See how dirty I look!"

"see" is a verb. In this context it means "observe", "notice". It's an imperative.

It can also be taken as a question, the "do you" missing:

"See how dirty I look?"

This latter construction often has the sense of "What did I tell you?", "Didn't I tell you so?", "I warned you this would happen".

See what you've (gone and) done now?
See what a mess you've made?

But not necessarily:

See how it works?
See how I did that?
See what I mean?

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