Clark: You see that Kansas State game last week?

Whitney: What are you doing here, Clark? Did Lana send you?

Clark: I told her you'd see it coming a mile away. He'll be expecting Lana to send him?
Whitney: Hey, I'm not angry. So, he's come to find out why the
heartless son hasn't gone by the hospital to visit his dying father.

Clark: Something like that.

Whitney: I remember how my dad used to say how he was gonna be there
the day I threw my first pass for the Sharks. He said it so often, I actually believed it would happen.

Clark: It still could.
Whitney: My father is the strongest man I ever knew.
He lettered in three sports at State. He was a star in 3 match games in Kansas State?
He told Lana that Whitney would realize why Clark was there.

He was on the college team in three different sports.
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Grammar GeekHe was on the college team in three different sports.

So 'State' would be Kansas State University, right?
But what about 'lettered'?
I don't know which univeristy it refers to, but whatever state they live in. Kansas State makes sense to me.

I've never heard of anyone referrign to lettering at college - only in high school - but it means he was on the team.
Thanks, Grammar Geek!
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