Would you answer my question about the following sentence? A: Mary is a very aggressive girl and sometimes fights even with a boy. Teachers say she has some lion in her. However, I see puma in her, rather than lion, for she is a very fast runner.

Sorry I forgot to say what I am going to ask. Is puma, rather than lion correctly used?

The puma is a New World big cat. It has various names—mountain lion, cougar, Florida panther. It is no faster than the African lion, and it is not especially renowned for its speed the way a cheetah is. Saying "puma" there does not make her sound like a fast runner. Besides, I think of the puma as a kind of lion, and the teacher never specified in the first place, so "puma" does not really change the meaning much.

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Thank you anonymous. In fact I made the sentences without knowing about what a puma is really like.
I'd like to change the third sentence to: However, I see cheetah in her, rather than lion, for she is the fastest runner in the track and field team. Is it correct?