Hi, I'm seeking for an online, through Skype, english teacher. My expirience consist of learning two "Cutting edge" cources in local English school in Moscow, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. But since my level decreased.

Looking for a teacher for 3 working hours per week, conversations & grammar with homework quizzes.
Preferable time in the evening 6-7 p.m. GMT

Can pay only via paypal.

Please sent to me a brief proposal to this address: Email Removed

Sergey, 34yo
Please find email in profile. It didn't pass moderation. Emotion: smile
hi, i am a UK national, English teacher and former business manager, i can offer lessons for 8 euros an hour. via paypal
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ingm80i am a UK national, English teacher and former business manager, i can offer lessons for 8 euros an hour. via paypal
I am surprised to see a teacher using a lower-case letter for the personal pronoun I. I am am also a little surprised by your use of punctuation marks.
Hhahhah . Good point .
Hello Sergey,

I am an online English teacher and I have been teaching Russian students for the last 4 years.
I am available for 3 evenings a week at that time and I can provide all the materials you will need.Please have a look at my profile and contact me.


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Hi! I'm currently taking new students! I primarily cater to intermediate - advanced level students. Check my profile for website, skype name, and email!
Hi Sergey, I saw your message and thought you might be interested in learning about an online community of language learners and teachers.

It's free to join and there are hundreds of English teachers there to choose from - They charge from 10 USD per hour. If so, please contact me for more information. Emotion: smile

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Best of luck finding a teacher!

If you are looking for an English tutor there are plenty of services, sites and Facebook at least.
You can just communicate different random people (not all of them are gonna be happy with it).

Or you can explore services like [cheating site deleted by moderator] and all the related ones that are overfilled with native speakers, tutors and just people willing to help others.

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