Dear everyone,
I am a Chinese postgraduate majoring in foreign language pedagogy. I am very glad to learn from you everyone. Now I am writing my thesis about reading for M.A. I have administerd my questionnaire in April this year, and I have been waiting for my subjects' TEM-4(Test for English Majors-4)-reading comprehension scores to explore the relationship beween an affective variable and reading proficiency. Their total scores have been announced in late September; however, there are not any discrete section scores such as listening, cloze, reading, writing, but their total scores. I am extremely disappointed because I have been waiting for them and their discrete scores were also announced in previous years. My supervisor has just helped me contact the TEM committee and they claimed they did not disclose them for their "research" purpose. As for validity and reliability for English majors, there are no tests better than TEM. Now I have no idea what to do next. Would you like to give me some advice? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I had never heard of the TEM before, so I really can't say anything about it. Would it be possible for each of the people who completed your questionnaire to get more information about their scores and then forward this information to you?
Hello, Yankee.Very glad to learn from you.TEM is a proficiency test for English majors in China. No tests for English majors are supposed to surpass TEM in validity and reliability. Athough I have investigated my subjects, I can not get access to their scores of reading comprehension secion in their TEM for some complicated reasons. I was wondering whether you would provide me with a test similiar to TEM. You never heard of the TEM, and perhaps it is difficult for you to provide a similar test. Thanks a lot.