Please tell me which form is right.

Situation: John gave an anwser to a queston and the person who asked the question wasn't unfortunately sure whether his answer is correct or not. Also there was another person listening to this.

(at the approximate moment of this conversation)

John: The answer is 'five'

A person who asked the question: You seem to have the right answer but I have to check.

(after five minutes has expired)

A third person who listened: John seemed (or 'seem'??) to have said the right answer
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Hello Believer,

I would use "seems" while the situation is still current; "seemed", when the situation is closed.

For instance, once everyone has left the classroom, you might hear:

"What did John say?"

"He said Five. It seemed to be the right answer."
(You could even say that the use of "seemed" signals that the situation is no longer current, from the point of view of the speaker.)

Best wishes,

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