What if anything, is wrong with the following sentences?

1. Since I no longer maintain an office downtown for working on this kind of project?

a. properly constructed sentence
d.misplaced part

2. Noah Webster supported himself through sales of his spelling book over 100 million copies of the book were sold.

a. properly constructed sentence
d. misplaced part

3. An appeals court orered the money terurned however, the IRS didn't comply.

a. properly constructed sentence
b. lacks parallel parts
d. comma splice

4.Noah Webster, author of the original Webster's Dictionary, believed that a dictionary should contain more than the definitions of words; therefore, he included their etymologies as well.

a. properly constructed sentence
b. dangler
c. run-on
d. comma splice
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did i get these answers right---

1b Yes

2c Yes

3d This has two parts: An appeals court ordered the money returned and however, the IRS didn't comply. There is no comma after returned, so it seems a little misleading to call it a comma splice. I'd prefer to call it a run-on sentence.

4a Yes.

Best wishes, Clive