I have yet to come to terms with the video cassette recorder. Selective viewing was never part of my upbringing. We, of the first TV generation, took the good with the bad.

Q1) What does "selective viewing" mean?

I Googled it and found nothing relevant. Though the results showed "selective attention" instead. Which means "Selective attention is simply the act of focusing on a particular object for a period of time while simultaneously ignoring irrelevant information that is also occurring."

Can we use the same definition for "selective viewing"?


Viewing a television when it is broadcasting live means that you have no choice over what you are watching. However, using a video recorder means that there is an option over what you watch. Therefore, it is selective viewing. You are selecting which things you watch when you like because they have been recorded.

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You mean, in short, we can say "selective viewing" means to have a choice over what one is watching.


Yes - you aren't left to watch whatever is on. Of course, even with no 'recording' you still select what you view to a degree as there's always the 'off' switch!

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What do you understand by selective viewing?
anonymous What do you understand by selective viewing?

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