Which is correct:

Self-acclaimed OR self-proclaimed?

Can you see how easy it is to look things up in the dictionary? It takes seconds, probably less time than it takes you to write the question. I really hope that you find these dictionary links useful.

AnonymousGoogle is often most helpful
Louse was talking about dictionaries, not about Google. If you go to www.onelook.com , you can check the word you are interested in in many dictionaries. If you enter 'self-proclaimed', you will be linked to 19 dictionaries offering a definition. If you enter 'self-acclaimed', you will be linked to only one dictionary - and that turns out to be a mistake. So, 'self-proclaimed' is the one you want.

So, if you use onelook.com, you will normally find the information you want within seconds. Occasionally you may find a definition difficult to understand, and that's when we can help.
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Thank you, Louise. Google is often most helpful in returning results that appease the thought processes. The two words are in close proximity of meaning and difficult to distinguish exact connotation without comparison.
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AH020387 self-proclaimed?
AH020387 self-proclaimed?

please can i use the word self-acclaimed to describe someone who wants people to praise him on what his as not achieve.