This topic looks simple and easy to understand. If you are asked to choose whether becoming a man with or without self confidence, you might be directly choose the first one. However, let me tell you something in addition to your decision.

There’s a manager walking backward in a crowded school building project area to monitor the progress of his project. One of his worker saw that there was a sheer drop behind him. He shouted out warning him, but the manager couldn’t hear his voice because the distance was too far. The manager saw his lips movement and caught sense that someone wanted to tell him something. But he remained walking backward in spite of going closer to the worker’s site. “How dare you shout to me...impolite! Don’t you consider who you are and who I am?” he murmured. Meanwhile, the worker was getting more anxious about the dangerous potential behind his manager. Spontaneously, he threw a small stone at the manager. The manager got mad, he cursed and run fast to him. When the manager was holding the worker’s neck, the worker said,” Forgive me Sir, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but please look at the sheer drop there. You were gonna fall down and I worried you.” The manager realized his mistake and he was grateful to his worker. He felt fortunate because somebody had saved his life.

From this illustration, we know that the manager is a man with strong self confidence. Without self confidence, it is very diffilcult for him to conduct such a great project. On the contrary, having full self confidence, no space for people’s words, drives him to the sheer drop. Is self confidence good ? Is self confedence bad ? What is your inclination ?

Let’s say you answer self confidence is bad. Now, consider the scenario. You’ve just graduated from a yunior high school. Now, you want to enter a favourite senior high school. Let’s say the selection is based on the national test score on the junior high school diploma. Your score is 49,5 meanwhile the current mean score of students who have been enrolled their diploma is 46. Today is the last day. You think that everything can happen at the last hours, so you are not confident to enroll your diploma and you go to the second school. When the enrollment day is closed, the lowest score at the favourite school is 48. You are dissapointed. Is self confidence good ? Is self confedence bad ? What is your inclination ?
Do you see the moon? When it is thin, it will grow fuller and fuller. However, it gets thinner when it is round. So do everything, I think. I don’t think it’s easy to say confidence is bad or good.
But one thing is fixed. That is everyone of us need self confidence. Whether it will become conceit depends on how me use it.
Thank you very much, especially for your words about the moon. I like to read that.