Hello. Sometimes we focus too much on our negative aspects. A good way to focus more on the good points you have, rather than the ones you don't, is to list them out. It might change the way you feel, it might not, but is sure is fun to try, so please, join me (don't worry I'm not used to this either, actually I put myself down a lot, so this might be particularly therapeutic for me and anybody else who has that problem). Ok here goes:

I/(I am):

very artistic
can be very funny
a good listener
brilliant with my hands
have good logic
can laugh at myself
a good judge of character
can cook really well
always happy to make a new friend
am health conscious
care about the environment
love animals
have amazing relationships with my loved ones
very hygenic
get along with everyone I meet
very resourceful

Wow! That list turned out a lot longer than I expected! Go on, have a go!
Wow, wow, wow ! It's rather long list but there are a few people only who have even
though a 10 points of it ! ! ! But if everybody will have all points it is really a "gold man".
I geuss it will be interesting who will print the lagest list of their own possitive ones.
Let's go.....................................!
When I sat down and did this, I didn' think that i could even come up with more than 3 or 4, it was nice that there were a lot more. You'r not goign to join in? Emotion: crying
P.S. what do you mean by "gold man" please?
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"Gold man".... I mean blameless man. We call "gold man" those who have a LOT of good
points and almost have not bad ones. But I thing that good or bad points are provisory.
For example if you are outspoken there was anyway situations when you sad or had to say
lie. And the same is with bad points.
As for me I will think alittle and then print my ones.
"gold man" should be a man with responsibility and loyalty to his heart,i think.
by tradition in our country,man is the goodman of a family.so,he should be responsible for many signaficiant things.he is the umbrella of the whole family.the man with responsibility can strive to let his family live happily.
loyalty to one's heart is a good charactor,which should be have by both man and woman.
once man and woman fall into love, they must be loyal to each other,in spite of disease,
mischance,death....that is the reason why we must make promise in church when wedding hold.
"Gold man" is also kind-hearted ! He will come to help everyone if he would have an opportunity. And it's better to have this man as friend than a big bag of gold ! In families' lifes
there are "gold mans" too but families' relationships is another matter.
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I now regret asking the meaning of gold man Emotion: indifferent . I wish that someone would participate in the exercise. You don't have to mentioneverythingthat you like about yourself, just a few things. You might think that you have to spend a lot of time pondering over what to write, but that is not the case. Once you get started, the ideas will come. Please tryEmotion: smile . It would be nice if I am not uplifted alone.

P.S. For those of you who are more insecure about your physical appearance than the person you are, you can list physical features that you like about yourself. I will start you off so that you don't feel awkward:

I like my:

beautiful, soft, silky hair
smooth, almost flawless skin
shapely legs
almond shaped eyes
perfectly straight teeth
cute little ears
high arch on my feet
hourglass figure
beauty spots
small behind
collar bone

Please don't feel that you might seem egotistical if you do this, there is nothing wrong with complimenting yourself every now and again. Besides, no one knows who you are here anyway! A little reminder of your good points will make you shine. Have a nice dayEmotion: smile .
Killing deep eyes
Warm heart
suggestive smile
Extraordinary personality
I'll try. I like my:
Cool Head
I don't know what else, though.
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