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Thank U Mr.P. I read the poems and I liked Larkin's Mr.Bleaney. How is the 'flower' poem that I tried? Here's the Death poem with changes...

This is my night
This is my day
This is my Life
This is my Death.

A tear here_ A tear there _
Kins Plush with mourning
Silence here_ Silence there _
Cadaver_ gone by morning.
Another attempt

My life is here
My death is here
I know not another door
I know not another path
Should the winds drag me
To the end of the world
My rainbow of sorrow
would paint a way
For the Time to falter
And Death to follow.
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Hello Anita

I think you've got just the right rhythm in the first 4 and last 2 lines of your last post. She would do something odd with the rainbow. She would fit in an odd word, somehow —'exchequer', or 'Calvary'. I can only remember one rainbow in her poems, in 'Bring me the sunset':

'Also, who laid the rainbow's piers,
Also, who leads the docile spheres
By withes of supple view...'

But there must be others!

Now the 'flower' poem I misunderstood at first, because it reminded me not so much of her nature poems, as of poems like this:

'Again his voice is at the door.
I feel the old degree.
I hear him ask the servant
For such an one a me.

I take a flower as I go,
My face to justify.
He never saw me in this life—
I might surprise his eye!'

But now I see.

'I try not to wither' is a good 'Emily D' line. Something isn't quite clear in the last 3 lines: is the 'company' hers or his?

The house with Death
That was there yesterday
Diligence of honour of Life
That had been on earth
Today there is commotion
In the house
Clearing off memories
Sweeping up the Love
Stowing away the heart
Which is of no use now
Till eternity.

How does this E.dickenson-like poem go?
Mr.P have you read this short poem of E. dickenson? I just read it today and liked it very much... Thought I should share it....

LIFE: XVI. Surgeons must be very careful

Surgeons must be very careful
When they take the knife!
Underneath their fine incisions
Stirs the culprit, -- Life!
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Hello AnitaA

I think that's very much the kind of thought she might have. I like 'diligence of honour of life'; which is a different meaning from 'diligence in honour of life'. Now let me try something. This could be Emily D. returning the compliment and writing about your 'Swing':

I never heard a Swing —
Touch Empyrean
Then come to Rest — again —
Like — a Pendulum

Laughing — in ribboned Hat —
And rose-sprigged Gown —
But I saw — an empty Seat —
All Summer gone.

That's damn good Mr.P.There sure is that loneliness in the poem which E.Dickenson often predicts in her poem.Thanks for it.
Thanks, Anita! Not quite 'cross-dressing'...'cross-versing', perhaps.

I forgot to say – I like quatrain XVI. 'Culprit' here is the word.
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I stood in front of me and explored.
It was a moment of desolation
As I gaped at my shadow
And at the living me
Through the eyes of me, the Soul.
There was not much of qualms
Down in the gorge of reminiscences
There were a lot of tears
In the alley of trust
Deep in the canyon of Love
Was hidden a trail of affections.
I woke me up from slumber
And frantically tried to mend things
In the arena of my Life
Where conscience was translucent
But conflicts weighed down
And uncertainties welled up.

I seem to have been caught in the style of Emily.D for good...
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