Ok, I am a Real Estate agent and my broker corrected me today with my use of words. Quite embarrassing, but I was tell her that I handed the "sell" off to a co realtor. It seems to me when a transaction is happening it is a "sell" not a sale. Could someone clarify this for me. I have something for sale, but don't I call it a sell when it is a transaction?
No, "sell" is not a noun. It's a sale.

No. The noun is sale, as already explained .

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Sell = vt. & vi. & n.

Sale = n.

I think 'sell' is correct.
Yes, it should have been "sale." "Sell" is used as a noun, though, in one idiom I can think of: the "hard sell."


Surely you weren't giving your co-realtor anything like that Emotion: smile
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