Hi ,

I got to reply to a mail and want to ask him to send the details to me .What is the difference of the below sentences and which is better one in usage.

Please send across me

Please send it to me

I would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance
Please send it to me.

Please send me the details.
Hi Daniel

Only "Please send it to me." is correct.

However, you might also see people use words such as "over" and "across" this way, for example:

- "Please send it over to me."
- "Please send it across to me."
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Hi ,

Thank you all for more clear explanation.

thanks in advance

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Are you asking for more informatiion?

In the old days, before email, when messages were written on paper, and large companies had pneumatic tube systems, and letters were sent by mail or courrier; the choice of preposition often reflected the physical direction in which the paper would go. "Please send it over/up/down/across/etc. to me."

With email, I believe it's just, "please send it to me."