Hi eveyone,
I studied that: "The German philosopher Gottlob Frege proposed that the meaning of an expression be called sense, and if the expression refers to something, it has reference" but I cannot understand clearly about it Could you explain something about sense and reference in semantics.
Could you give me two or more expressions which have the same sense and explain about it? And two or more expressions which have the same referent and explain about it?
Plz help me! Thank you very much for helping!
Best wishes, CD
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Thank's a lot for you answer CJ you really helped me Emotion: smile
cheers from Algeria
me too m searchin g about the deffernces between a refe rence and a meanin g in makin g a sense ?
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A very good explanation. Things no seem to fall in place for me now.a myriad thanx.
Sense is something possessed by a name, whether or not it has a reference. For example the name "Odysseus" is intelligible, and therefore has a sense, even though there is no individual object (its reference) to which the name corresponds.

good luck

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  • People are scientifically unsophisticated and learn to use word like tree, dog, lightning, gold, zebra, jade the mineral. When we learned the meaning of water, people point to example and that’s how we are able to understand the meaning of the word water. Chemistry develops and a different way to describe water H2O.

  • Terms with different meanings and different references

  • Terms with different senses

  • If the word is not real there is no references

  • The meaning in the sense of the term is giving by its definitions

  • Santa clause of a definition, but not a reference because it is not real.