Most countries have now replaced pictorial signposts with written signs, because the number of people who can't read is rapidly diminishing.

According to the answer this means that written signs were replaced by pictorial signposts, i.e. written signs were removed. Shouldn't the structure of this sentence be tre opposite? I mean shouldn't it be the signes that were replaced with(by) signposts (considering the wanred meaning)?

to replace A with B = to replace A by B = to put B instea of A -- isn't this right?

Thank you
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Tallulah Tamis understood by anyone who can see it .
I just don't have the same faith in pictorial signage as you do. The images on these pictorial traffic signs are highly stylized and can easily be confusing to non-native visitors unfamiliar with them.

Though it is off the point of the grammatical status of the sentence in question, there is an interesting issue here that points to the problem of language. Not even the languages of art and music can claim to be understood by everyone.

There there is the obvious situation here in Maverick's post where someone has given a wrong 'answer' to a correctly written sentence.
Hey all and thanks for the replies.

The question was taken from a book with which I prepare for the upcoming SAT test I'm going to have in a month.

Hello Miriam,

(the pictorial signposts have been removed because, these days, there are more people who can read)

I got it...I think it's my usual inattentiveness Emotion: sad I somehow inferred that number of people who DO read is diminishing so there would be no sense in replacing signposts with written signs..

Thanks all again
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