Is this sentence right. " Five wizards box the magic spiky Jonquil."


I do not know if it is accurate and true, but it is a grammatical sentence. Lots of nonsense sentences are grammatical.


It looks like a test sentence for students of touch-typing as it contains all the letters of the alphabet.

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That's called a pangram, as I am sure you know. It does not make as much sense as some others.

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The sentence contains all the 26 alphabets

piano guitaralphabets

English has only one alphabet, the Roman alphabet. It is different from Russian, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet, and other alphabets such as Korean, Arabic and Hebrew.

Subject: letters of the english alphabet This sentence" Five wizards box the magic spiky jonquil." contains all the 26 letters of the english alphabet.Can it be used as a test sentence for students of touch- typing?

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