When you go to pick up the wedding gown, don't forget/remember to pick up a bag of dog food.

Two questions.
1. Which choice is better?

2. Does it imply the location of the bridal store is near a pet store?

Thanks in advance!
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either is ok.

You would assume so.
It does bring to mind an image of an odd "to-do" list:

1. Mow lawn

2. Feed dog

3. Get married

4. Take out trash
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I'm not sure I get the joke (if it's one). Sorry Emotion: sad
Only that picking up your wedding dress is a pretty momentous thing - and to couple with "get dog food" seems to make it rather trivial.
That's funny... I shouldn't have combined them. Is there a way to avoid the "insult"?

My take:
I know today's your big day (I'm not sure whether picking up a wedding gown is considered a big day
in US culture), if you don't mind could you get a bag of dog food on your way home? (Will pretending
to want to run the errand yourself help?) Well, don't worry about it. I can get it later.
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It's not insulting - it's just a bit... funny.

Just say "When you go to pick up the dry cleaning, don't forget to swing by the pet store to get the dog food!"

There's nothing exciting about picking up the dry cleaning.
Thanks for correcting me, GG. I didn't know whether it was a humorous thing or an insult.
To be on the safe side, it's better to treat something as an insult and avoid them.

There's just one little thing about your answer that bothers me.

Why all of a sudden is picking up a wedding gown changed to picking up the dry

I thought it was clear that picking up a wedding gown meant collecting a gown
that you've previously ordered to be worn by the bride for an upcoming wedding.

Did I confuse you with "laundry"?

I think this is what you meant by me not providing sufficient context. I apologize.
Actually I didn't know the discussion would steer in this direction. But it's
interesting what I thought to be really clear(without further context) is confusing
to native speakers.
I was simply suggesting a more routine errand. When you go to get stamps at the post office, while you're out dropping off the donations for the food pantry, when you head out pick up Jeff from soccer practice... any of those are pretty routine errands.
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