Hey guys

I have problems in understanding this sentence, can someone please clarify this

the sentence is this:

The banks involved in facilitating this collection process have no responsibility to pay the seller should the buyer default unless the draft bears the aval (ad valutem) of the buyer's bank.

As underlined in the text, why the sentence presented in this way, Is there any grammar behind this ?

how should we read it as normal order?

P.s. This is copies from a textbook, hence I believe there is no problem that then sentence is correct.

Thanks for helping me here

Hi Gerry,
the easy way to make this sentence is an ordinary conditional:
if the buyer defaults...
then you can add "should" to suggest this is not very likely:
if the buyer should default...
then you can make an "inversion" which is characteristic of formal legal style:
should the buyer default...

("default" here means not pay) The sentence is definitely correct.

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very Clear, thanks! John