For my written homework, which is to be handed in before October 15th, one of the tasks is to analyse a sentence in terms of type of sentence, type of clause, clausal pattern, phrases, function within phrases and form class of words.

The sentence is as follows:
He found his secretary a reliable typist

I've managed to figure out that it's a simple sentence and that it consists of one main clause. I also think I've figured out the clausal pattern: S, P, dO and oC (correct me if I'm wrong!)

The problem lies in the next area: phrases.

The first constituent [he] is a noun phrase, [found] is a verb phrase, [his secretary] must be a noun phrase, but what about the next one? Is [a reliable typist] an adjective phrase, or is it simply a noun phrase too, like the others?

Moving into the function within phrases area, is the word typist the head of that phrase? And reliable the premodifier?

I know how to deal with many simple, compound and complex sentences, but I found this one a bit hard actually.

Thanks in advance for all help!
Regards from Norway Emotion: smile
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walk chalk 661Ali likes a red silky shirt.
[ Ali ] [likes a red silky shirt ]. = [ NP ] [ VP ]
[ a red silky shirt ] = [ NP ]
[a] [red] [silky] [shirt] = [Det] [ AP ] [ AP ] [NP]

Note that phrases need not be more than one word.
Note also that phrases can be (and usually are) embedded within one another.