Please point out the grammatical mistakes in these sentences

  • It helps for the harmonious interworking of the engine and the gear box while starting the vehicle and during the initiating and ceasing the link between the two.
  • It paves for the smooth driving without any sudden jerks and shocks.
  • In the vehicles which are fitted with consistent gear box, it is necessary to press the gear pedal twice while changing gears.
  • In the vehicles which are fitted with synchromesh gear box, it is enough to press the gear pedal once while changing the gears.

Are you just asking for grammar corrections? Or do you want suggestions on how Westerners would say this?

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Clive, please correct the grammatical mistakes and also tell me how you would write it, that is, I want it to be idiomatic.

I am sure many of my structures and expressions might not be idiomatic.

Please help me.

Hi Suresh,

It seems to me that it would be a much better and more effective approach if you looked at the many driving manuals that are available online. As well as giving you natural wording, they would offer you a more comprehensive and practical approach. I'm sure I would forget to tell you many important aspects.

What do you think?


You are very much right. I will follow your advice. Thank you very much for the link you have provided.
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