Hi friend,

Is this a correct sentence and free from error?

"I am good in website user interface designs"

should I use "in" or "at" from the above statement.


Gary Lee
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Be good at.


able to do something well
She's a very good player.Do you know a good builder?
good at (doing) something
Alex is very good at languages.She's good at making things.
good with
As a politician, you need to be good with words (=skilful at using words) .He's very good with people (=skilful at dealing with people) .
do/make a good job (of doing something) (=do something well) Mike's done a good job of painting the windows.
Alright. then it should be " I am good at website user interface designs" ? right?

Can someone please check if there is any grammar mistake on the above sentence.

Thank You,

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You have a grammatically correct sentence there. As a stylistic suggestion, however, I would replace the word "good" with something else; "good" is altogether generic and unimpressive. "Proficient" or "adept" would be good ([Emotion: wink]) replacements.
Hello Gary

If you're talking about your general design skills, it would be better to say:

"I am good at website user interface design"

i.e. with 'design' in the singular.

Though probably "I am good at designing websites" would suffice.

can anyone tell which of the following sentence is correct.

1). kindly find attached the photos.

2). kinldy find the attached photos.

I have a doubt whether the first sentence is correct or not.
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(2) is correct.

Think I'd go for #1.

1. Kindly find attached the photos you requested.

Though 'kindly find attached' is a little quaint; you might as well say 'here are the photos you asked for'.

The goverment suppress the people from leaving their home immediately?

Is this a correct sentence?
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