"Comparatively few rock musicians are willing to laugh at themselves, although a hit of ____ can boost sales of video clips very nicely.
A. self-deprecation
B. congeniality
C. cynicism
D. embarrassment
E. self-doubt"

The answer is A. But I would opt for C, 'cause cynicism means "a scornful, bitterly mocking comment or act" compatible with "laugh at themselves".

But if you have to insist on the choice A, could you gimme a reason why C is incorrect?
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Hi Jeff,

I would also opt for A, because they are laughing at themselves, putting themselvs down in a gentle way, or being a bit modest.

"Cynicism" is not really compatible with "laugh at themselves". It has very negative connotations.

From Webster.

Scornful - feeling or showing open dislike for someone or something regarded as undeserving of respect or concern

bitter exhibiting intense animosity; harshly reproachful

mock to mimic in derision
"bit of", I think, not "hit of".
Before I read the choices, I was already thinking "crack" would be one of the them! Emotion: smile
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A. too for me! Emotion: smile
lol JimEmotion: big smile
Sorry for the typo. The transcript I got has some errors.

But what do you mean "Before I read the choices, I was already thinking 'crack' would be one of the them! " :-s
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You know what "crack" is, do you, jeff?
This was a joke, Jeff. because the sentence was about a rock group, CJ thought perhaps it might be about them taking drugs. Emotion: smile

"although a hit of cocaine can boost sales "
Emotion: smile Emotion: smile
Thank you!

I don't even know 'crack' is for 'cocaine'. hehe It's a little slangy, so I didn't get it at first glance.
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