Could anybody please check my essay? I would like to know if there is any mistake in it. Please help!

Describe the following table which shows the aspects of quality of life in five countries. (Sorry, I am not giving the table here. Just check the essay for any grammatical mistake, please.)

The given table shows the aspects of the quality of life in five countries – Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Indonesia and . It uses four economic indicators to show the comparison between the given countries. Just having one look on the table we can say that has pretty much better quality of life than other countries given in the table.

has the highest GNP per head of all the given countries. It is about 100 times higher than . ’s infant mortality rate per 1000 live births is also much lower than other countries in the table.

has the lowest GNP per head with shortest life expectancy at birth which is 40 years. The infant mortality rate in is greater than other four countries. It is about ten times greater than ’s infant mortality rate.

Bolivia, Egypt and Indonesia have almost similar GNP per head which is about four to five times higher than Bangladesh’s but still about twenty times lower than ’s. Their life expectancy is around 50 years which is slightly longer than ’s. Egypt has higher life expectancy than Bolivia and . has highest (or higher?) infant mortality rate than Egypt and .

We can easily conclude from the table that has a better quality of life than other countries given in the table. And, it may take a very long time for other four countries to reach that level.

Time taken – 20 mins

Length – 235 words

Is this something you have to submit as part of a test (I wonder as you've given time and word count, and that is pretty standard practise for exams/tests you take at home and send in). I'm don't think it would be ethical for us to help if that is the case - not to mention that it is pretty common now for examining boards to check for internet use/plagiarism etc, and this thread might then show that you received help.
I am preparing for IELTS exam. The exam's has two writing tasks. Task 1 has some kind of graph, table or bar which we have to describe in about 20 minutes in more than 150 words. So I am practicing describing some graphs or tables available on the internet. This table I found in a book. Of course, the description is given below the table but I need to develop my writing skills for the exam.

I just need to know whether this description which I wrote is grammatically correct? Thanks.