Please let me know if follow statements round correct grammatically:-

In long term I want to take the carte blanche of the company. I envision for myself a career straddling the highest levels of a business decision making of that organization.
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.....who set goals, plans meticulously.....
......who sets goal, plans
.....who sets goals, plan

which one of the three is correct grammetically
Which one is correct
....who set goals, plans meticulously.....

....who sets goals, plans meticulously....

.......who sets goals, plans meticulously......
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You have written 3 identical clauses and all are probably wrong; the comma should probably be deleted. However, there is no way to judge, since your ellipses suggest that this is only part of a sentence.
I sent yoy two friend req please tel me your mail ID. I dont want to write my complete sentence here. mine is <<email deleted>>
Why do you not want to write your complete sentences? Thousands of learners do so.

Not one of the moderators I know will provide corrections via private e-mail exchange. We provide corrections here.

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The main issue is Im preparing my application for Fulbright scholarship.Now If I write my complete original sentence here, get correction advise from you guys, then if I google that sentence it points me to this site, by showing the entire sentence.
I was just scared if that might cancel my candidature.
Perhaps it will show that you take advantage of resources available to you and make smart use of your options.
Then you should not be cheating, if you think you are. Fulbright scholars are 'chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential'.
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Or that, too.
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