Please let me know if follow statements round correct grammatically:-

In long term I want to take the carte blanche of the company. I envision for myself a career straddling the highest levels of a business decision making of that organization.
Hi nilabh_s;

The words "carte blanche" and "straddling" don't really make sense in these sentences. When you straddle something, you are standing or sitting on 2 different sides or 2 different things. Perhaps you mean "attaining"

Carte blanche is like a blank check. I don't know what you are trying to say except perhaps taking advantage of and extorting money from your company.
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Start again. You definitely do not want to 'take carte blanche' of the company-- or at least you do not want to tell them that. I little more modesty, please, with the whole statement.
What I meant from carte blanche is that I want to take full control/power of the company.
Something like a CEO.
Please help me correct these both sentences.
Is this a job application? If so, for what position, and to what officer are you applying?
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no it it for SOP for studying MBA
Well, try something a little more restrained:

Eventually, I would like to become a key decision maker for my company. I envision a career at the highest levels of the organization.
If I take your sentence as it is and put it in my SOP.Is it plagiarism?
can you share your mail ID with me?
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It is not plagiarism. Any corrections offered to you on these forums are yours to keep. You will find my email address with everything else in my Profile.
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