So I'm trying to come up with a sentence that includes the basic activities done but I don't want to make it sound "dry" as to " i went here, and did this and that..." you know what I mean.

The following sentence is probably incomplete and need some help with that and grammar. Any corrections are appreciated.

"From going on long hikes in the woods and mountains to being able to witness the stunning views of the American Rockies, to being able to see the Moose from very close, and good company"

anonymousThe following sentence is probably incomplete

Indeed, it is one long prepositional phrase. There is no subject or verb, so it is difficult to imagine what you are trying to convey.

"Witness" is most commonly used for events, especially crimes, so it is strange to witness static views.

Is the purpose a description of your trip, or an advertisement for a vacation lodge?


Gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains; Long hikes in the forests, moose suddenly appearing within touching distance, these were some of the highlights of my vacation.

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I'd say a summary of my trip. It's to be used as a caption for social media so I don't want to keep it "dull"

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It just sounds a bit too "dull" if you know what I mean...