*hey guys how are you ?!! i hope you all ok !! well guys, i have a new game here it's *Sentence Maker

well let me explane : i will put a sentence then you will change a word in it , for example

i love you

i hate you

patty hates you

patty hates tom

and so on ...........

*you see the under line words, that i have change it, and see when i have put the (s) on the verb *you can put any thing on the words but don't change it ok

now for the real game

here is the Sentence:

take my heart
1 2
so boring!!!!
take her heart

Emotion: big smile or Emotion: big smile
thanks for letting me play
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take shelly's heart take shelly's design steal shelly's design steal shelly's money steal alexa's money steal alexa's heart
Take my (L) please!

i don't get it ??..hahaha
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take my Emotion: love
play a senentance making game!!

use words like

sarcity//miser//misfit//scaremonger//,ishandle//prolougue and so on
it is kinda boring. too many possibilities
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