Hi everybody,

i always have problem of expressing my thought in Eng. I don't know if the words I chose is good enough, and very often i'm not sure if i'm using the correct grammar.

Pls help to correct and advise better expression of the following sentence:

My situation: i got married last year, and had a great time in 2009. The wedding is so wonderful and unforgettable. Here in the New Year time, we would like to say thank you to my firends and relatives. However, I don't know how to express in words that this is our very first and special new year being as a couple of us after marriage, and we're glad to share our happiness and give our sinecere blessings to our friends.

Could I say it in the following sentence. Please help to correct my expression and grammar. And advise better way to saying this.

"Our very first New Year, wishing you good health, much joy, all smoothy and best of luck in 2010.

May our little but deepest blessings would warm your heart throughout the year!"

Many thanks!!!

I would suggest the following revision to improve the greeting message:
"Dear friends,

This is our very first New Year as a married couple, wishing you good health, much happiness, prosperity and good fortune in 2010.

May our sincere thoughts and wishes warm your heart throughout the year!"

Best regards,

thank you for your help