Please, can you check my grammar, sentence structure etc... Thanks!!!!



1. Based on this contract, the Borrower allows the Bank to use, keep and handle all the information obtained in business relationship between the Bank and the Borrower regarding this contract and the Borrower himself. The Bank can also export this information to other companies within the Group XXXXX and to other related companies under the Banking Act. The Bank has also the right to export this information to the insurance companies and agencies from the Article 6, Point no. 2 and from Article 4., as well as to obtain this information from the related companies, and to demand, obtain and to give this information to the companies that are engaged in determination of a credit rating and financial discipline.

2. The Borrower allows the Bank to obtain information from the state bodies and other organs and institutions, banks and insurance companies in order to assure the execution or the implementation of this contract.

3. If the Borrower does not submit by the 30th June of each year financial statements for the past financial year, the Bank can increase the agreed interest rate from Article 2 of this contract for 1 percentage point.
Organs - do you mean organisations?

Final sentence: by 1 percent.
It would be possible to make one or two comments on the grammar and choice of words. However, from a legal drafting point of view several issues are in doubt. In order to assist I would need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve and also if you are for the bank or the borrower.