My dad's friend turned and burst into laughter.

Shouldn't it be bursted?

Why is it burst when turned is in past tense?
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Some verbs are regular Emotion: smile, some verbs are irregular Emotion: crying.

how do you determine when to use regular or irregular verbs?
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You just decide which verb to use without worrying about whether it is regular or irregular. Then you use it correctly.

That's why people who are learning English have to learn which verbs are irregular, and how to use them correctly.

Best wishes, Clive
So would bursted in the sentence above also work or make sense?

No. You need to use an irregular verb in the correct irregular form.

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Where and how would I learn to use an irregular verb in the correct irregular form?
I just have to memorize the irregular verb forms?

There has to be an explanation tho.

Why is it burst and not bursted?
"Burst" is the correct past tense of "burst." It's an irregular verb; that's why the past tense does not end in "-ed".
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