Need help with the confusing sentences again.

After a few _____hesitation, he agreed that_____not worth the risk.

a. minute's, its'
b. minutes'; its
c. minutes'; it's
d. minute's; it's

I chose the letter B any help here would be appreciated.

Jay and Jayleen have four brothers. All four have a poor work ethics. Therefore, Jay and Jaylene_______pleased with any of their ________work habits.

a. are'nt ; brother's
b. aren't ; brothers'
c. aren't ; brother's
d. are'nt ; brothers'

I chose letter C

This one is easier. Emotion: smile

1c) is correct. It's = it is (not possessive)

2b) is correct. brothers' (you want brothers plural possessive...so it is brothers')

Hope that helps.

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Thanks mountainhiker
I am glad that one was easier for you, although it is still hard for me. I have a few more problems that i am finishing up with tonight so you will probly be hearing from me later. I am glad for the help without it i would be ____ out of luck if you know what I mean. Thanks TK
One thing to remember is the apostrophe is used for possession, but it is also used to cantract a word - the apostrophe can indicate missing letters. 'It's' is always 'it is,' so in your first example, you have eliminated 50% of the choices. In 'aren't' and most other contractions, the apostrophe goes where the missing letter is - as a general rule, that too should help.