Hi guys,

I thought you guys might want to give these sentences a look and perhaps, if possible, tell me the explanation for the corrections.

1. The furniture the young couple bought were very cheap

Correction: The furniture the young couple bought was very cheap.

Explanation: Furniture is always singular.

2. The kindergarten was much newer than Roberts house

Correction: The kindergarten was much newer than Robert’s house.

Explanation: Do not really know, any help?

3. He avoided going to prison

Correction: He avoided going to the prison

Explanation: Prison is specific. I have no idea. – Any help?

4. They will properly do it again, don’t you think so?

Correction: They will probably do it again, don’t you think so?

Explanation: Misspelling of probably.

5. It succeeds the author of the novel to get his message across.

Correction: The author of the novel succeeds in getting his message across.

Explanation: Succeeds is a verb for a person, not a thing.

6. After I leaved school, I went straight home.

Correction: After I left school, I went straight home.

Explanation: Congruence?

7. He did not took any chances

Correction: He did not take any chances.

Explanation: Took is past tense, take is present.

8. The good about it is that they are safe

Correction: The good thing about it is that they are safe.

Explanation: good is referring to something: ‘a thing’.

9. Ones the shopping is done, will we go home

Correction: Once the shopping is, we will go home.

Explanation: Correct use of nexus and misspelling of “once”.

10. I’ll be at the meeting place at seven; my hole family will turn up.

Correction: I’ll be at the meeting place at seven; my whole family will turn up.

Explanation: misspelling of ‘whole’. I would probably also change will turn up to “will show up”, but I don’t know if they want a correction of that?


Insert the correct form of to do in the following sentences:

1. At what time did Susie come home last night?

2. He did not want to lose his job, so he moved to Ireland with the firm.

3. She does not know what to do, does she?

4. My new car does not look very big, but it is!

5. Did John tell you about his adventure yesterday?

6. John did not like me, but that is because he does not know me.

7. We will miss her a lot.

8. You do not know Gerry, do you?

Thanks in advance,

No, I don't really want to look at any sentences; I do it because others would like me to.
Hi kassem,

I believe that what Mr. M was driving at is that if you had started by saying "Would you please look at these" instead of "I thought you might like to look at these" you might have gotten a different answer.

It's a matter of courtesy - people don't do us a favor by posting here to give us something fun to do. We help people who need help because they ask us to.

As for sentence #2, do you understand how possessives work?

I see no error in #3.

I agree with you on #4

Your explanation of #5 is as good as any

#6 is simply a wrong form of the past tense.

That's as much as I remember.
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Could you perhaps give me a reason not to help? The only thing I'm asking for is to look them over and tell me if you see any specific error/errors?

This is a community where I believe one is allowed to post such questions. I'm not asking you to do my homework or anything. I'm just asking for a bit of help. But I guess - If that's to much to ask then nevermind.
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as i dicussed, i will be on leave from 14/6 to 17/6.
As I mentioned, I will be on leave from June 14th through 17th.
I bought a lot of furniture. (Correct the sentence)
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air piano 141I bought a lot of furniture.

That sentence is perfect!