Could you please help me with these 7 sentences that I've given my opinion on?
  • I"m asking you for 5 minutes of yor time for you to read this. (is it ...FOR YOU TO READ IT???)
  • He talks down to people to make himself feel better. OK
  • Getting 2nd place twice is like coming in in 1st place once/is equivalent to first place once in terms of how much money you make. I don't know if you can say these
  • I don't mind getting undressED in front of...
  • What does your coming depend on./What is your coming contingent upon? BOTH seem correct to me.
  • How has the new year been treating you? I'd say this
  • I know where to walk so that the planks/floor don't squeak so that I don't wake my parents up. How would you say this? there are too many "so"
  • How much/many money do you think there was in the safe. MUCH because not countable right??
  • We're a little more than halfway through the movie. OK
  • He walked through the line of fire/through the gun shoot/through the shooting and was shot. Don't know
Thank you
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Could you please help me with these 7 sentences that I've given my opinion on?

Can you tell us where you learned how to count? [:^)]
Im sorry, i added two more at the last minute. Funny thing is you of all people should not be saying that , because had there been 7 you still would have found a way to comment on the thread. and I have trouble keeping count I might even consider taking math lesson. Thank you for the input.Emotion: smile
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Despite your nonchalant attitute toward correcting the glaring errors and endlessly exhausting inquires about "can you say?", majority of volunteers are very patient. I have responded to your questions before but lost the eagerness. I personally felt you are not taking the advices offered by the forum. True, I commented on your posts, mainly on how to avoid bad English habits and correcting your predictable errors. I had advised you to reduce the number of questions so that people can focus better to answering your questions. My comments meant to help. But if you can't even keep the number of question straight, one can't help but wonder if the time is worthwhile. You decide!
I suggest u some, try once.........

1. I ask ur 5 minutes to read this( yourself.). without bracket it may sound whether u want to read it yourself for him.

2. ok.

3. Getting 2nd place twice is equal to first place in terms of money.(alway try to cut short the sentences. Never drag as it may give an awkwardness to the sentence.)

4. I don't mind getting doffed in-front of........

5. Later i'll answer

6. How does the new year treat u? Always present.Perfect continuous can be used if u r asking at the end of the "new year" in this sentence.

7. I know where to walk so that the planks don't squeak and wake my parents up.

8. ok.

9. What's the need of 'than'?

10.He walked through the line of fire and got shot/was shot.

Thank U.

Could I ask you please not to use txt-spk when posting to this forum (e.g. "u" for "you", "r" for "are", "ur" for "your", etc.) These abbreviations are appallingly sloppy and undermine the whole purpose of the forum, which is to help people improve their English.

Thank you!
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Thank you Mr. Wordy! [Y]
Sure Mr Wordy,

I never use abbreviations. and speaking of which now that you've brought it up, do you think you can tell me what you think about toms correction as he says he's a english teacher , yet he does spell out YOU.

thank you very much
I never use abbreviations.

No, you didn't, and I apologise if it appeared that I wrongly included you as a target of my rant.
alc24do you think you can tell me what you think about toms correction as he says he's a english teacher , yet he does spell out YOU.
Do you mean he doesn't spell out "you" (i.e. he uses "u")?

All I can do really is repeat what I said. I think "u" etc. are tolerable in a very restricted set of contexts, when it is absolutely essential to minimise the number of keystrokes typed. I do not agree with encouraging English learners to use them in ordinary writing.
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