1) A and B are physically separated.


2) A and B are physically separate.

Which one do you think is right?

i thought 1) is definitely right, but my American professor says 2) is quite okay, too.


by the way, have a great week everyone! Emotion: smile
Both are correct and your choice would depend on the context.
thanks Emotion: smile but could you be more specific, please?

i wonder what differences there would be in each case. Emotion: smile
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1) A and B are physically separated.
This sentence means someone or something physically separated A & B. So at one time A & B were joined together, but now they are separated (not attached to each other.) 'Separated' is a verb here.
The Siamese twins were physically separated following a successful operation.


2) A and B are physically separate.
This sentence could mean that A & B are physically not touching each other (two things are kept separate), or it could also mean that A & B are independent of each other (two unrelated incidents happening at the same time.) 'Separate' in this case is an adjective.
thank you very much danyoo! :-)

i got it! just out of curiosity, are you Korean?
You are welcome Jen.

Yes, as you can tell from my signature I am originally from Korea. But I've been living in America since 1973 which makes me very old!!!
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1973... uhm.. maybe your parents decided to move RIGHT AFTER you were born. hehe

that doesn't make you that old then.. Emotion: smile

thank you very much for your help always!!

have a great one! Emotion: smile